If you are cold at night, let the promise of my love cover you like a warm blanket


A flower, so clear in the distance, so small and pointless, but still so beautiful. A small colorful flower on the lawn, so untouched, so beautiful. What are you there? Something meaningful? What do you really do in the big world of sight? Is it just a little stop to something bigger? Something more meaningful? Only a stop? But why so beautiful? What is your opinion? I don't understand. What are you seeking? What is it you want? What are you trying to achieve with this? Something I can do? I can let you be, let you grow, allowing you to reflect in your own beauty from the sunlight. Leave you untouched and beautiful. Only in my mind you will always be. 

- Kristine Kønig Frydnes (dikt fra søster til savnet bror)

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30.mai.2011 kl.18:44

Tnå så sør dikt, du er kjempe flink!

Nå er det spørsmålsrunde på bloggen min om det er noe du lurer på?:D


30.mai.2011 kl.18:46

Nydelig dikt!

30.mai.2011 kl.18:51

Kjære Kristine <3 Du er så god . for et nydelig dikt <3 Klem Ingvild


30.mai.2011 kl.18:59

kjempevakkert! sitter med tårer i øynene! <3


30.mai.2011 kl.19:24

Ingvild: Takk :) Du er søt <3


30.mai.2011 kl.19:24

spokenwords: Takk <3 Jeg og :) <3

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